Angielskie przyimki czasu – ćwiczenia

Polecenie: Choose the correct preposition of time.
poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Przyimki angielskie

  1. I'm certain we'll meet again   the future.

  2. Can we meet tomorrow   about three?

  3. We waited with John   his bus arrived.

  4. How cold can it get in Poland   winter?

  5. We always go to the seaside at least once   summer.

  1. Wake me up   you leave for work, please.

  2. The shop on the corner is open   seven o'clock in the morning.

  3. Can we go for a walk   lunch?

  4. Wait   it stops raining and we can go to the pub.

  5. I've lived here   1982.


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