Przyimki po przymiotnikach – ćwiczenia


Choose the correct preposition after the adjective.

poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Przyimki angielskie

  1. My mother is really afraid   mice and spiders.

  2. Why are you so angry   Dave?

  3. You have a better chance of a good life if you don't become addicted   anything.

  4. Alex should be ashamed   himself for being so selfish.

  5. A man I used to work with has been found guilty   murder.

  1. What kind of things are you interested  ?

  2. Are you ready   lunch yet?

  3. I'm related   your history teacher.

  4. Honestly, there's nothing to be scared  .

  5. Malcolm seems very satisfied   his exam results.

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