Przyimki po przymiotnikach – ćwiczenia


Choose the correct preposition after the adjective.

poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Przyimki angielskie

  1. Are you aware   the dangers of driving too fast?

  2. The police want to hear from anyone connected   Mr Ryan's business activities..

  3. I worked very hard but my boss is disappointed   the results.

  4. I'm completely fed up   my job!

  5. Steve has always been jealous   his brother.

  1. Are you nervous   taking your final exams?

  2. William seems very serious   his work these days.

  3. What's wrong   you? Are you ill?

  4. I'm tired   hearing the same old stories from Bert.

  5. We're rather puzzled   what Pete said yesterday.

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