Angielskie przyimki ruchu (prepositions of movement) – ćwiczenia

Polecenie: Choose the correct preposition of movement.
poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Przyimki angielskie

  1. How about going   John's and watching his big TV?

  2. Come   anytime after ten in the morning.

  3. I never knew that Philip comes   Canada.

  4. What time will you finish going   those documents?

  5. How long have you lived   here?

  1. The town centre is closed and we had to drive   it on the bypass.

  2. Go to the end of the street and then   the bridge.

  3. A policeman wants to know if we've seen a black van driving   the estate.

  4. A mouse just ran   the room!

  5. We were sitting   the table when the lights went out.


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